Mama Kin
Big 10 inch record
Adams Apple
Dream on
Last Child
Same old song & dance
Back in the saddle
Love in an elevator
Walking the dog
Living on the edge
Train kept rolling
Rag Doll
Lord of the thighs
Kings & Queens
Moving out
You see me crying
Dude looks like a lady
Clubs, festivals, Special events,
Theaters,Stages of all sizes.
A choice of show styles & pricing  
for small and large venues

         (  2-60 min sets)
 70's - 90's  Old ones & new ones
          with costume changes

       (A Concert set:)
 90 min, full of
       all the hits old & new

         An Album set:
       ( 2- 60 min sets show)
                the full
Toys in the Attic album performed  
beginning to end
         then a finale of  hits
       Our song list

Toys in the Attic
Draw the Line
SOS too Bad
Seasons of Wither
No more no more
Don't want to miss a
Walk this way
Sweet emotion
What it takes
Come together
Toy's in the Attic uses equipment made by
For true Aerosmith sound
The platinum album song list

Toys in the Attic, Uncle Salty, Adams Apple, No more
no more, Sweet Emotion, Big ten inch record, Walk this
way,  Round and round, You see me crying